One of the most important and exciting things in the build up to your wedding day is your hair and makeup trial (we are a little biased… but I’m sure you will agree, it is very exciting).

We understand that a hair and makeup trial isn’t something you do regularly, so we are here to give you the low down on what to expect from your trial and tips on how to make the most of your trial.

When should I have my wedding hair and makeup trial?

This really depends on you the bride, some brides like to have their trial several months in advance to try out a few styles, while others prefer to wait until a month or so before the wedding to have the trial fresh in their mind when it comes to the big day. Usually we recommend around 2 months before the big day to organise a trial as this means the trial will be fresh in the stylists’ minds but also allows for another trial should you feel this is necessary.

What if I live abroad and can’t plan a trial in advance?

We work with a lot of international brides and this is no problem at all. We can organise a video call between yourself and your hair and makeup stylists, to allow you to get to know each other and discuss your style and vision. We are also happy to organise a trial a few days before your wedding day when you are in the country if you wish – but we do understand it is a very busy few days!

Do my bridesmaids require a trial?

Not all bridesmaids require a trial but sometimes it’s nice to have one or two of them so you can visualise what everything will look. We suggest making a day of it with some bubbles and some of your bridal party (if they live in this country). And not forgetting your mum too, as it is a chance for her to spend time with her daughter before the big day – and mum’s always love to feel included!

What should I bring with me to my trial?

To make the most of your trial we would recommend bringing along the following:

– Any hair accessories or headpieces you are thinking of wearing on your wedding day – this will allow the stylists to work the accessories into your look and try out a few ideas.</p.

– Photos of your wedding dress, shoes, jewellery, flowers etc. – this will help your stylists to understand your personal style and the overall vibe for your big day.
– Images of bridal hair and makeup styles you love (we usually recommend making a Pinterest board, which means you can easily share your inspirations with us and other suppliers)

We also recommend wearing something nice to your trial as a wedding hair-up can look a little much with jeans, a jumper and converse. A dress similar to the colour you might wear on your wedding day as being able to visualise is very important.

What if I’m unsure of what I would like my hair and makeup to look like?

This isn’t uncommon – we are happy to suggest some styles as we are experts at working with face shapes and incorporating hair accessories and veils to make everything work together perfectly.

How should I prep my hair for the trial?

It is very helpful if you can have your hair washed and blow-dried for the trial. If you have soft hair and will be wearing it up, we recommend washing the hair the night before and applying a small amount of medium-hold mousse before drying.

How should I prep my skin for the trial?

It is very helpful for our makeup artists if you can arrive to the trial fresh-faced with no makeup on, as removing makeup can run into your trial time. We also recommend bringing along photos of yourself when you had makeup on that you loved, to give us an understanding of your style (as some brides’ idea of ‘natural’ is Kim Kardashian while others find that very GLAMM). If you plan on wearing fake tan on your big day it is helpful if you arrive to the trial with the fake tan on, as this will be easier for the stylist colour matching your makeup products.

What happens start to finish at my wedding hair and makeup trial?

Every trial begins with a short consultation (usually around 30 minutes) where the stylists sit down with yourself and get to know you a little better. You can discuss your style inspirations, the style of the wedding and what you love and don’t love so much.

The stylists will then try out different styles with you; catering to your brief and style requirements, until you find the perfect style! We can try out a couple of styles with you, but if you would like to try out more you are welcome to book more time with your stylists.

How long should I expect my trial to last?

Hair only trial for a bride: 1 hour 30 minutes
Both hair and makeup: 2 hours 30
It roughly takes 1 hour per person for each service – so we can calculate the timings for you depending on how many people will be attending the trial with you.

Finally, we always recommend keeping the hair and makeup look from your trial on all day – as long as you would on your wedding day. The next day you can get in touch with us to let us know your thoughts or if you would like to change anything for your wedding day. And don’t forget, the whole point of a trial is to try styles, don’t panic if you want to change anything as we are here to get your vision out your mind and make it a reality.

We have created a helpful PDF to give you even more information on how to prepare for your wedding hair and makeup trial and you can view or download this by clicking the link below.


We can’t wait to see you for your hair and makeup trial and get to know all about you, your vision and your big day.

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