Client Experience

Weddings morning’s are about connection, love, joy, laughter and spending time with your best friends and family. And how we have all missed this so much!

Your wedding morning is half of your wedding day. It’s the only part of the day when you can relax and reflect and of course get a wonderful memorable experience of award winning customer service and the expertise of some of Scotland’s most talented hair and make up artists.

We want to make your experience as enjoyable as possible While planning your wedding.

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We don’t just style hair we care

The AMMazing hair and makeup team strives to create a client experience that goes beyond the physical transformation. They understand that getting your hair and makeup done is not just about the final look, but also about how it makes you feel.

When you step into the AMMazing chair, you are welcomed with warmth and care. The team recognizes that each client is unique and has their own set of desires and insecurities. They take the time to listen attentively, allowing you to express your vision, concerns, and aspirations. By doing so, they create a safe and trusting space where you feel comfortable sharing your emotions.

As the process begins, the AMMazing team works their magic with skill and artistry. Our AMMazing team are highly trained for a physical transformation but also a profound emotional one.

Throughout the experience, the team understands the power of human connection. They offer sincere compliments, words of encouragement, and gentle reassurance, uplifting your spirits and boosting your confidence. They celebrate your uniqueness, reminding you of your inherent beauty and helping you embrace it.

As the final touches are applied, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, and a surge of emotions washes over you. You see not just a beautifully transformed reflection but also a reflection of your inner self – strong, confident, and radiating with self-love. The AMMazing team’s dedication and expertise have not only given you a stunning exterior but have also touched your soul.

Leaving the AMMazing team you carry with you more than just a beautiful wedding hairstyle or flawless bridal makeup to marry your love. You carry a newfound sense of self-appreciation, a heightened self-esteem, and a lasting memory of a truly transformative experience. The AMMazing hair and makeup team has not only enhanced your physical appearance but also nurtured your emotions, leaving you feeling empowered, beautiful, and ready to conquer the world.